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Our story began when unfortunately a family member became ill.

This is how and when Wheatgrass became part of the family in our home.

Through our relatives journey of recovery, it became clearer of this humble yet amazing plants many benefits. We began to realise of its healing properties.

However it was not until one day my relative after a full recovery put this statement to me regarding Wheatgrass; He said ‘Everyone should be taken a shot of Wheatgrass daily”. To this, we asked, ‘Why’? He replied, ‘Well it is a pity that only when people become ill that they then turn to Wheatgrass! Put another way, ’Prevention is always better than the cure’!

His response was simple yet for myself, it turned out to also be very effective.  His words had immediately struck a chord with me.

I began to think more of what I was putting into my body and realised the importance of incorporating a healthier and more conscience approach to my overall diet.

Wheatgrass has many benefits probably the two most known would be that it is great for boosting our immune system and increasing energy levels.

Although it must be said that it is an acquired taste, however, the benefits to be gained from a health perspective certainly outweighs this!

Since we developed our range of Wheatgrass over the years from fresh Wheatgrass to convenient ready juiced shots. The popularity and increased demand for using natural produce to assist in recovery from illnesses and injuries compared with treating them with traditional medicines have increased over the years.

This shift in peoples thinking has led us to develop our range of health juices further.

Along with our fresh Wheatgrass and frozen Wheatgrass shots, we have also created a further two juices; Turmeric &Ginger shots and Beetroot shots.

Turmerics main benefits include; reducing inflammation pain associated with arthritis and also inflammation of the skin such as eczema and psoriasis.

Beetroot is excellent for cardiovascular health and blood pressure. It is also popular among athletes too as it has been scientifically proven to increase the blood flow and helps oxygenate fatigued bodies which results in increased stamina levels and better concentration.

We are very proud of our juice range and have had many great personal stories from peoples own experiences of taking our health shots.

This reinforces our own beliefs and certainly makes it all worthwhile!

If you have any queries about our juices or are looking for advice on which juices would suit you best please feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to talk you through it and explain more!